The National Agency for Energy Regulation of the Republic of Moldova (ANRE)
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Investing in regulated energy sectors

12 february 2020 • Views: 1010

Investing in regulated energy sectors

Mr. Octavian Calmâc, the Director of the National Agency for Energy Regulation, had a meeting with the representatives of BlackMoose Ressources LTD from Canada and representatives of A-Geffen Group from Israel.


The discussions focused on the latest developments in the energy sector, and in particular, the sustainability, security and alternatives of the natural gas supply on the domestic market. The participants discussed also the latest on the local and regional electricity market, the potential growth of the liquefied gas market, and the possibilities of developing energy projects from renewable sources in the Republic of Moldova.


The Director of ANRE has informed the potential investors from Canada and Israel about the regulatory framework and the methodology for calculation and approval of tariffs.


At the end of the meeting Mr. Calmâc added that it is very important for the Republic of Moldova to diversify the energy sources, promote a healthy competition, improve the quality energy services and deliver the energy at fair prices.