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Discussions on the evolution of reforms in energy sectors

5 november 2019 • Views: 1038

Discussions on the evolution of reforms in energy sectors

On November 4, 2019, Mr. Octavian CALMAC, Director of ANRE, met Mr. Sammer Shukla, Practice Manager for Energy and Extractives for Europe and Central ASIA, Infrastructure Practice Group.

The participants discussed the issues related to the evolution of the regulation legal framework of the heating and power sectors, the World Bank investment projects for the development of the district heating system and the electrical interconnection with Romania, the cooperation with ANRE and other subjects.


A particular subject for both sides was the Methodology for calculation, approval and applying the regulated prices and tariffs for the production of electricity and heat, for the heat distribution and supply services, which was approved by the Members of Administration Council of ANRE during the public hearings on 01.11.2019.

Mr. Calmîc noted that ANRE ensures maximum transparency of its decision-making process and the application of the highest regulatory standards based on the best European practices. The public consultations of the draft of this Methodology took over a year. ANRE is open, to continue the dialogue with the development partners regarding the drafting process of the secondary legislation of the sectorial regulations that would allow the development of investment projects that would improve and extend the cogeneration capacities of heat and electricity in Chisinau.


Another important topic for the Republic of Moldova and the development partners is the country’ power system interconnection with Romania’s one and the construction of the back-to-back station in Vulcanesti. In this context, it is important to point out that at the moment ANRE has drafted all the normative acts necessary for the implementation of EU’s Third Energy Package in the nearest future.


ANRE is expected to approve the draft of the Electricity network codes and other related drafts, which will contribute to an increased competition on the electricity market in the Republic of Moldova.


Both sides showed interest to continue the dialogue and cooperation in relation to the regulated sectors.