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ANRE has resumed the dialogue with IMF

14 july 2020 • Views: 881

ANRE has resumed the dialogue with IMF

On July 13 2020, the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) has resumed the dialogue with the evaluation mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), led by Ruben Atoyan, IMF Head of Mission, concerning the new Cooperation Program with the Republic of Moldova.

The discussions focused on the structural reforms in the in the energy sector and the implementation of the Third Energy Package in the areas of electricity and natural gas. The new IMF Program for the Republic of Moldova that is scheduled to be implemented in the next three years (2020-2023) includes the provisions related to the energy industry activities that are regulated by ANRE.


In this context, both parties emphasized the importance of separating the transmission system operators (TSOs) in the electricity and natural gas sectors. The parties also discussed evolution of the natural gas and electricity tariffs in 2020 and 2021.

Also, as soon as the electricity procurement contracts are signed and approved there will be more reasons for the electricity tariffs and prices to be reviewed. A decision in this regard will be taken by ANRE in the nearest future.


ANRE has approved and transposed most of the regulatory normative acts provided in the Third Energy Package. At the moment, however, ANRE’s concern is to determine the tariff deviations and technological losses accumulated over the past ten years in the natural gas sector and the implementation of the necessary mechanism for their recovery.


The Director of ANRE, Octavian Calmâc, mentioned that during 2019 ANRE has been actively involved in drafting the necessary documents for the separation of the TSO in the electricity sector. ANRE also worked closely with the Energy Community Secretariat on drafting and approving the separation Plan for the TSO in the natural gas sector. The deadline to implement the Separation Plan is October 2020.


Director Calmâc added that the Administration Council of ANRE will have a prompt and professional approach when solving the current regulatory issues.


IMF representatives encouraged ANRE to continue to strengthen the cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat as well as with the gas market operators in order to address the problems of tariff deviations and the determination of the technological consumption and technical losses in natural gas distribution networks.


The separation/unbundling of the TSOs remains one of the main priorities of ANRE.